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Digital Transportation Lab

Thinking outside the box

Our Digital Transportation Lab consists of renowned thought leaders and experts in the field of travel and mobility. As well as exploring emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, chatbots and blockchain, the Voyego team offers rapid prototyping and consulting services.

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We want to create the digital technologies and business models of the future, not just those that transform our experiences today. Our Digital Transportation Lab has been established to challenge theories so that we can identify and develop the next steps in the digitisation of the travel and mobility industries. We want to test new ideas, find out what works best and shape the market. Voyego is leading the way.


  • Contrarian thinking
  • Excellent Domain knowledge
  • Alliance & Working groups


  • Testing new ideas
  • Fast cycles
  • Continuous improvement

& Passion

  • Living innovation
  • Internal knowledge sharing
  • Workshops, Hackathons

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