Emerging Technologies

Taking action

We like to get our hands dirty when trying out the new technologies and software solutions appearing in the industry. We evaluate their applicability in the sector and how our clients could benefit from them.

Currently, we are working on how Artificial Intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, chatbots and blockchain can be used in the mobility and travel industry.

We have created several different predictive models for the shared mobility sector using AI and predictive analytics.


These include

  • We delved into our chatbot experience working on the Assisto prototype, testing its application in this industry. Assisto is a powerful took that utilises the power of instant messaging platforms to improve the way companies interact with both staff and customers. As well as facilitating business transactions, it resolves customer issues faster.
  • We experimented with a cryptocurrency reward system and developed our own – Mobicoin. It was awarded for using sustainable modes of transport such a public transport, ride-sharing or bike riding and event stairs. In this way, we encouraged sustainable transportation and a healthy lifestyle.

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