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Fleet sharing for the new age

Car ownership is increasingly seen by many as a burden. However, the ownership of many cars can be a blessing thanks to our white-label technology for fleet sharing.

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White-label technology for fleet sharing

People nowadays reject car ownership; they want convenient mobility, available anywhere and anytime at their fingertips. Car owners, especially fleet owners, have the ability to rebrand mobility, bundle it with various options and offer it as a service. All it takes is a customisable, cloud-based car controlling software solution that can facilitate a number of effective fleet sharing business models and drive success. We have such a solution.

Who it’s for

Cities &

For public car sharing, ride sharing or carpooling.


For innovating their business models with mobility services.


For running shuttle services, carpooling, car-sharing, etc.

Car rentals

For their car hire operations or car-sharing offerings.


With car pools for corporate car sharing.

How it works

Our fleet-sharing solution is a modular set of app-powered microservices, clustered into:

Operators can combine these elements into different modalities, depending on their specific business needs. The solution enables complete control of the fleet and a wide range of options to facilitate the users’ convenience, all via the cloud.

Robust back-end platforms

in-car monitoring tools

Front-end interfaces (app and chatbot)

Our technology offers full support for electric vehicles including unlocking and starting them up, locating and tracking them, and communicating battery levels and the number of kilometres remaining on each vehicle. Through smooth integration with a number of third-party in-car telematics tools, this ongoing monitoring of vehicles allows optimum planning, deployment and management of your fleet.

What options it offers

Our solution supports multiple service options which can address most modern transportation challenges. Choose between:

Public car

Optimise your users’ mobility
in a scalable and sustainable way, whether using a station-based or free-floating mode

Ride sharing

Operate a carpooling or ride sharing service and reduce congestion, pollution and transportation costs.

car sharing

Provide a mobility incentive for your employees and keep your logistics expenditure in check.

Shuttle service

Offer efficient group transport to sets of frequent users – students, employees, tourists and more.

Car rental

Run a perfect car hire or car-sharing business with minimal overhead and risk.

Quickly launch, operate and scale your fleet sharing solution with our proven white-label technology for powering mobility services.

By trying out and testing emerging technologies in the field of travel and mobility, we strive to create the passenger experience of tomorrow. We challenge our knowledge and theories through regular interaction with industry participants and thought leaders.

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