Travel supported by chatbots – how does that work?

Marko Javornik blog

Posted on: 27 Aug 2017

Author: Marko Javonrik, General Manager

How will travelling look like in the future? Will we have the same user experience or will we have completely new means of transportation? The one thing we know for sure in Voyego is that airborne travel can feel completely differently for travelers – even today! How? – Get inspired by John, who is using our new Chatbot for Airlines and is being guided throughout his entire journey.


John is really excited about spending his annual vacation in Cancún, as it will be his first trip to Mexico. But he doesn’t have a lot of time to plan his journey, since he is too busy at work arranging everything for his absence. Therefore, he uses Assisto for Airlines to plan the trip for him.

He opens his Facebook Messenger App and starts chatting with Assisto. He only inputs the dates of the journey and to which destination he wants to fly. Assisto immediately looks for the best fares for him and provides all available offers for his route.

Everything John needs to do is select his preferred connection and voilá! He can pay his flight directly via Assisto and doesn’t need to switch to another app for that.

Assisto then sends him the itinerary of the flight he just booked, so John always has an overview of his travel plans.

John can now focus on packing his bags, finalizing his tasks at work and getting in the holiday mood. While packing, John remembers to check the baggage allowance. Via the FAQ, Assisto confirms John’s bags wouldn’t fit into the cabin and suggests booking extra luggage.

To help John make his trip more memorable, Assisto offers him a variety of options, to help him with his trip planning. He shows him the best hotels in the city and the most popular sights in Cancún and offers to make reservations. John can now easily create a personalized city tour, which includes all the attractions he wants to visit. He is very happy about these hints, immediately reserves the hotel room and the tickets for all the sights he wants to visit and downloads his tailor-made city tour.

For many of these sights, he would need to wait in line for hours at the destination, so he is really pleased with Assisto’s help in his trip planning. Now he can lean back and await his departure day.

On the date of his travel, once the airport Check-in opens, Assisto sends a reminder to John, so he doesn’t forget to leave for the airport on time. This message also conveniently reminds John to quickly check whether he has indeed packed everything he will need in Mexico.

While John is checking if he has really packed everything, Assisto suggests he hires a cab to the airport, because the traffic is more dense than usual and John should either leave home earlier or get there faster than planned, in order to avoid any stress. John confirms and Assisto calls a cab to take him from his home to the airport. Once in the cab, John lets Assisto open his boarding pass, so he has it handy during the security check.

Once John reaches the airport and goes through the security check, while he is waiting for the gate to open, Assisto uses the time in the best way. He offers a personalized Cancún-themed playlist, which John can download before he boards. The list, by the way, matches the planned duration of John’s flight.

After his flight (accentuated with his new favorite playlist), John lands in Cancún in the best of moods and cannot wait for his stay there to start. Once he collects his luggage, Assisto calls him a taxi to take him directly to the hotel. John can thus enjoy the hassle-free taxi ride, without struggling to explain (in his broken Spanish) his destination to cab drivers.

On the way, Assisto shows John a list of the best restaurants close to the beach, for his dinner and sundown drink, to end his first day in Mexico in style.

But in order to enable John to pay for his dinner in Mexican pesos, Assisto arranges a pit stop at an ATM & currency exchange station. So thanks to Assisto, John gets the maximum relaxation from his vacation and can just lean back and enjoy the spirit of Mexico. With Assisto, travelling becomes a bliss!