Mobility as a Service

The future of mobility will be profoundly different than its past

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is becoming a global movement, with many cities trying out various software solutions across the globe. The shared belief behind this movement is that embracing the power of digital technology can lead to beneficial changes in transportation systems, resulting in a better quality of life – especially in cities.

Every region has specific requirements, so an all-in-one recipe for success regarding MaaS doesn’t yet exist. Nevertheless, we are working on multiple fronts, creating various software solutions that encourage users to swap privately-owned cars for mobility services. We are also trying out other services to enhance the passenger experience, deliver more convenient and sustainable modes of transport, and bring additional revenue for mobility service providers.

MaaS allows for the integration of various modes of transport into one single mobility service, available when users want. It can also help to streamline the payment process, offering users a singular channel through which to operate. It also transforms the way ground mobility providers work and delivers business benefits by creating new business models and enabling access to in-depth user and demand insights.

We are a contributing member of the European MaaS Alliance.