NextGen UX

Creating a frictionless user experience for airline passengers

Passengers want excellence when it comes to accessing services and interacting with websites and apps. That’s why user experience, be it via mobile or desktop, is imperative in today’s digital economy.

Built using the latest technologies and with the ability to be integrated into any existing system, our NextGen UX solution for airlines creates a responsive and frictionless web experience for passengers across all channels.

Completely customisable, the platform can be tailored to deliver dynamic content and create an unforgettable, seamless user experience that not only attracts new customers but builds trust and loyalty among the existing customer base.

It covers every step of the air travel experience, from searching and booking to check-ins and flight updates. By delivering everything that passengers need and guaranteeing a personalised service, the cloud-ready NextGen UX software also enables airlines to increase conversion rates, reduce the cost of a multichannel offering and access ancillary revenues.


At Voyego, we develop products and services based on our extensive experience of technology and in-depth knowledge of the travel industry.

Our NextGen UX solution is cutting-edge, customisable and cost-effective, specifically designed to enable an engaging user experience which adds value to both passengers and airlines.
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