Open Marketplace

Making things simple for clients

In a time of inevitable digital transformation, both airlines and ground mobility providers are competing in their markets.

Providers are seeking the best way to optimise processes, improve revenue streams, introduce new business models and thus increase market share. The trick is keeping up while doing so.
Voyego has created a modular open marketplace platform – enabling you to quickly build your digital marketplace with the building blocks that make it up, by selecting business and technology features of your preference.
Our digital platform connects users on one side and your ecosystem on the other in the best way.


Key platform business features

  • User Management (B2B)
  • Payments
  • Wallet
  • Reporting
  • Conversion analytics
  • Dynamic product based Content Provisioning
  • Catalogue/parameters
  • Affiliates support
  • Referrals support

Key technology features

  • B2B Self-care UX / Responsive Web Design
  • Rest API Interface to the platform
  • Microservice based architecture
  • Full Stack
  • Cloud Based (AWS)
  • Security features
  • High Volume Performance (200M B2C; 1M B2B)

Support of Key Paradigms of Digital Economy

  • Data Driven Design
  • AI, Predictive Analytics
  • Growth Hacking

Our digital platform experience includes myRyanair, Assisto etc. and our very successful open marketplace platform – Adnexa.

We know how to help and keep things simple.

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