Our Story

We develop tailor-made software solutions and open up novel possibilities and business opportunities in the Mobility & Travel industry. We already implement a holistic ecosystem of the future, that encompasses public transport, car sharing solutions, airborne travel and private shuttles.


Our track record

Our track record features Ryanair, Aer Lingus and Daimler, and unique software solutions such as Adnexa. We contribute to the MaaS Alliance and are also part of the Avant2Go project in Slovenia.

Who we are

We are a forward-thinking group of people that drive innovation globally. We believe technology can truly change the way we move and travel. We dive headfirst into every tech-related opportunity, trying out new tech to create the passenger experience of tomorrow. We’ve played around with AI, Blockchain, Machine Learning and more, in search of the next best thing.

As part of Comtrade Group, we lean on the expertise of its 2000+ software engineers in making tailor-made software solutions and its longstanding reputation in multiple sectors.

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