Payments Hub

Versatile payments solution for airlines

Data shows that, when comparing similar flight costs, travel times or comfort levels, airline passengers tend to ultimately pick the airline that accepts the payment method which they use regularly. When credit cards or cash were the travelers’ only options, their choice of payment providers was an afterthought, not the decisive factor it is today.

At present, there are more than 300 alternate payment methods (e.g. WeChat Pay, Alipay, GooglePay, Apple pay etc.), not including loyalty schemes. For airlines to provide such convenience and wealth of choice to their customers, high costs and considerable complexity become inevitable. PCI compliance regarding protection of sensitive data, volatile PSP fees, settlement and reconciliation protocols, increased risk of fraud – all this exacerbates an already intricate payments processing.


The perfect antidote to all this is a universal, PSP-neutral connector. Timely and versatile, our Payments Hub allows airlines to address all the above expectations with high confidence environment.

Payments Hub offers
advantages to airlines
seeking both
compliance and
flexibility, as it:

  • Integrates smoothly with existing airline systems
  • allows fast switching between PSPs
  • facilitates quick on-boarding of new payment methods
  • complies with ECB recommendations
  • supports tokenization and safe storing of sensitive data
  • offers fraud-detection monitoring that learns over time
  • offers a high level of security
  • comes with top-notch support
Our original Payments Hub allows airlines to offer separate payments scenarios for flight fares and ancillary offers and even enables passengers to pay with their loyalty points. Its functionalities are distributed across five discrete modules.
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