UX Hub

Experience Rules Manager for Airlines

UX Hub is a software solution which enables airlines to dynamically change user experience instantly without needing the IT department. It makes real-time UX personalization for different passenger groups possible.

It’s a pluggable software component which can execute business rules seen as external or separate from the application code without having to modify the application itself. This includes registering, defining, classifying, scheduling and managing rules and verifying definition consistency with quick execution.


UX Hub gives users the ability to modify the behavior of all their customer-facing applications. This power is enabled by the business rules engine.

The business rules engine enables company policies and other operational decisions to be defined, tested, executed and maintained separately from the application code. This means users can modify rules much more frequently, without waiting for application updates.

Solution Architecture

solution architecture

Feature highlight

Quick integration with any other system

Benefit highlight

Unique and personalized passenger experiences

UX Hub Features

  • Accessible from everywhere, round the clock
  • Separates decision logic from code
  • Allows speed and flexibility for customization
  • Allows versioning of changes, monitoring of history and restoration of any past version
  • Enables A/B testing of alternative experiences
  • Quickly integrates with any system
  • Allows definition of categories of internal users (those who can just set up changes and those who can authorize and publish the proposed changes)
  • Built on newest technologies
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